Click on the top right corner ‘Register’ panel and then you have to fill up all the necessary details, this includes verifying your mobile number and email, this will take few seconds. Now you are a collegekhabri member, start enjoying its benefits.

Yes, mobile number is mandatory to verify for registration and to ensure safety.

Editing profile is easy, let’s know how

1) Updating the email id - Email id cannot be changed as it is mapped to your account at the time of registration. However, you can create a new account with the new email id.

2) Changing the password - It is easy, just click on your account profile and start updating it.

3) Updating profile picture - Click on your profile on the left side, then click on the profile photo box and update.

4) Updating mobile number - Go on your profile and there you can change your mobile number under “mobile number” panel.

It’s easy, just enter the college or a course you want to search in the homepage search bar. As you start typing, you will see a dropdown so you can also choose your college or course from the drop list.

Also, you can see colleges according to cities, there are different cities covered across the country. You can also choose according to courses.

We at collegekhabri are more passionate, energetic and the best part is we are a student’s best friend. Be it an engineering college or concern about MBA admissions, we only deal in solutions. We have course oriented blogs, all information of about every college and if that’s not enough for you, we also provide free career guidance. All you have to do is to believe in collgekhabri.

Yes, we are perfectionist in doing that, whether you are confused or haven’t scored good marks in your previous exams, our every step moves forward to help students like you. We have a team of experienced counselors which are helping students in choosing right careers from years. With collegekhabri, you have a marvelous chance to talk directly to our experts and solve your problems.

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