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CollegeKhabri is a family which reincarnates the fun from childhood, The bosses are less of bosses and more of elder brothers and sisters, the colleagues are less of colleagues and more of classmates…It’s all about working passionately, having fun breaks in between, and returning home with the excitement for next day!

The only rule is to be passionate!

If we see that, you become one of ours’...

We have Opening

Web Devlopers

  • You get to work on live projects.
  • Learn practical application of your studies.
  • Learn real world web development.

BDM (Business Development Manager)

You will manage Planning and Business Development Area for Us. You will need to :

  • Explore the business environment
  • Search for Opportunities
  • Use the resources and opportunities to make sure Our business grow

Area Manager

You will be the answering head of our New Branch. You will need to:

  • Manage our New Office
  • Make sure that the working is fluent
  • Guide the Subordinates

Training Manager

You will look over our new employees and manage their Training. You will need to:

  • Help our new recruits to understand the aspects of our business plan,
  • Integrate their work for better efficiency and effectiveness

Marketing Executive

You will be responsible for spreading a good Word-of-Mouth about us in the Market. You will need to :

  • Manage our marketing strategy
  • Use digital and Social media platforms to grab a market space

Follow-up Team

You will have to ensure smooth working of employees, check their work regularly. You will need to :

  • Control the workforce,
  • Make sure they complete the given tasks in time,
  • Guide and Motivate them throughout the process

Career Counselor

Provide Insight to people about career choices that are suitable for them.

  • Read the person's mindset
  • Evaluate their skills
  • Boost their Confidence
  • Be Honest

Content Writer

You will do copywriting regularly for contents of our website and social media accounts. You will need to :

  • We need good Content writers to create quality write-ups.
  • Help spread our name through the digital platforms

Social Media Manager

Get more Shares, Likes and Following of our website. You will Need to:

  • Manage our Social media accounts. Use it to get more traffic to our website

SEO specialist (Onpage and Offpage)

  • Optimize our website for better search engine feedback

Customer Care Executive

  • Receive calls and listen to queries from people. Be polite and patient

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