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Life in India

Life in India can be tough, joyous, chaotic, colorful, stressful but never boring. We must have heard many a times that India is one of those countries that you can love and hate at the same time. Here’s why:

  • India is a food lover’s paradise
  • India has unity in diversity
  • India offers interesting and picturesque sights everywhere like ancient architecture and natural beauty.
  • India is a delight for tea lover’s as it is the motherland of all teas.
  • India has a variety of festivals which are super colourful and psychedelic celebrated with enthusiasm as more festivals equals to more holidays.
  • Languages are a wonder as over 16 languages actively being spoken across India and 22 official and 1652 unofficial languages
  • Travelling in Indian railways is awesome
  • India is a paradise for shopaholics

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