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Being second largest populated country in the world with 50% population as youth. The higher education system in India follows minimal uniform standards through government policy. In India, universities and colleges form a complex higher education system that might be difficult to understand but we can broadly classify universities into 4 types namely:

1) State Universities - Run and controlled and monitor by state government

2) Deemed To Be Universities – Run by Private Individuals

3) Central Universities - Central government oversee their curriculum, infrastructure and finance

4) Inter University Centres – Are autonomous in nature and were established by UGC University Grants Commission.

Living in India can be a bit challenging for International students however it is affordable and rewarding. Some statistical figures about universities and colleges in India are as follows:

● Central Universities (Nos 47 ), which are controlled by National Department of Higher Education.

● State Universities (Nos 318), which are run by state governments

● Deemed to be Universities (Nos 129), which are autonomously run

● Private Universities (Nos 185)

● Institutes of national importance (Nos 51), these are deemed to be of special importance where focus is on advance science and technology.

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