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How safe is India?

First and foremost ...the country is very safe and tourist friendly!!! It is likely that one will get 'good' as well as 'bad" attention. It is best to ignore people if one suspects of bad attention and move on. Good elements and bad elements co-exist in every part of the world. What is required for a tourists to take care of his/her belongings at crowded places. Do not get misled by exaggerated comments about pickpockets or scammers. Just take care of your belongings as you would take in the city of your origin. In fact some foreigners say they found that the people of India are some of the warmest, friendliest and most loving, caring people.

Safety Tips:

  • One should avoid carrying large amount of cash money
  • During late night hours one should stay in groups and avoid walking alone on the streets
  • One should also avoid showing-off valuables
  • Travel in licenses taxis avoiding unlicensed ones and having home route planned
  • Being careful of traffic while on road.
  • One should be wary and shall not trust strangers

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